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Moth Control London

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Moth Control London

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Welcome To Beaver House Services Ltd

If you require moth control in your home or you are an estate or letting agent then a one off moth control job may be all you need.

Our moth control technicians are RSPH/BPCA qualified and can solve your rat, mouse, bed bug, cockroach, wasp, clothes moth, flea, beetle, pigeon or other pest infestation.

At Beaver House Services Ltd, we can help to protect you from a number of different types of moth infestations. This includes textile moth pest control (one of our most requested services) as well as the store product insects.

Textile moths are moth that can attack a number of cloths within your house. This can cause mass damage and so it is completely worth getting rid of them because they are a nuisance. Not only do they cause damage to clothes, but they also can damage carpets, curtains and furnishings.

Then there is the store product insects (S.P.I) and these moths are usually found in stores that sell dry and processed foods. This can include grain, meal, semolina and flour. This is a nuisance and we are contacted often looking for a fix, so if you are struggling then we here at Beaver House Services Ltd are the team for you!

For businesses we recommend a pest control contract to help protect your reputation. Our pest controllers provide you with a digital pen report that is kept on site but can also be read on line.

Initially our pest control consultant will carry out a free survey and then discuss an integrated pest management solution with you. We can send you a free written quotation or carry out a pest control service the same day.

Our friendly and fully trained pest control office staff can quote immediately over the phone or alternatively by email. We also offer you a free guarantee for all pest control service work.

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